cropped scan theatre

First Toastyfrog did it; and it was funny. Then other people did it; and that was funny too. Then Arielle did it; and that was also funny.

Then Ashlea did it. And it was a lame knockoff, and she cried. ...Nonetheless, here we are. I introduce to you: Cropped Scan Theatre, with which I am mauling the innocent, unsuspecting gay joy that is Matsushita Yoko's Yami no Matsuei. Originally, I had only planned to do the Gensoukai arc, which is why I did those books first, but now I seem to be in for the whole series, somehow.

I am, of course, very grateful to Theria, for her manga translations, without which I definitely could not do this. Also, you may notice that the format is very similar to that of BIT, to which I say... ... SHUT UP!!

cropped scan theatre

- book one
- book two
- book three
- book four
- book five
- book six
- book seven
- book eight
- book nine (partial)
- book ten
- book eleven